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Film fest november 21-2015. Americas #1 Real Estate Wealth Expo byREv. DR. Larry skuce phd.

Rev. DR. Larry Skuce phd. a.Sr EDitor of freestuffla.comMagazine! (Over 50,000 circulation!)  It all started with me getting an invitation to the film fest! I took 2 buses & got lost had to walk a few blocks to the Westin Hotel!  On west century blvd. For you address & contact INFO FREAKS!  5400 WEst Century blvd.  I have been to many events like this!  Usually We get a free meal! No free meal but there was free water & candy!  I was tempted but afraid of getting g diabetes I was conservative about eating the candy!  Most all of the manyspeakers has some information which I was in need of knowledge! But there Were some “stand outs!”  I’m not going to write this article,”LInear!!”  Iforget the dud e that was talking after Adam Carolla! He was talking about “Stocks & that is another subject I don’t know about! Part of me wanted to go & part of me wanted to go! One thing that I liked about this event was that most if not all of the speakers had appled there “success formulas & made millions!  some of the “lessons I liked were a. the “giving finders fees to those that found buyers for different properties! They we’re “role models for  real Estate SAles!  Mark Larson was talking about stocks another subject that I need more knowledge on!  99 Ways to Beat The IRs? Tax secrets of The Millionaires!  Pat James!   President & Ceo of United States LLC,has been a guest Patrick James talked about “How to beat the Iris He discussed many ways to Beat The Irs (legally of course!) The peak for me was Adam Carolla, creditsA.Spike Tv B.Tvstar Of to Catch A Contractor! The name of his talk was, “Do What You Love & the money Will Follow!”  I had seen him on the “man Show” etc. But I had never seen him live! He did straight “Stand Up!” Over 90 minutes! He put on the screen his Social security earnings! I have never seen anyone do that on stage or anywhere! He talked about his Hi school experiences @North Hollywood hi school!  He talked about his meeting Jimmy Kimmel& his day jobs like teaching boxing!  Much of the lessons that I learned @ this event were we’re “life changing!” The lessons on “tax deductions were worth more than the inflated prices I paid @ The WEstin Hotel!  It was inspiring to me that Carollas income on social security went over one million by “the mid 80s!”

Adam Carolla Had some thing in common with me! He had to make up a credit to “graduate” North Hollywood hi! I “failed my senior year @ Mission Bay Hi School same time as FRank ZAppa,& MIchael Henson who starred in the movie “Endless summer!” the original Endless summer! ” Make moneyDoing What you love!”That was the title of CElebrity Speaker Adam Carolla Is that his real name or a “STage Name?” Here is the” p.r. blurb” on him! Discover the secrets of this provocative comedian turned entrepreneur!  He became the Podcast kiing & launched his own Digital network!  Fired from his Popular radio show, he started podcasting from his garage!  With 50 million down loads his first year, he was named iTunes #1 pod cast!   He then launched the successful Carolla Digital network!, became a New York Times bestseller!,stars in Spike TV’s To Catch A Contractor & runs his own digital media network empire!  From his story & valuable tips, you’ll discover how to identify YOUr money making opportunities! “Transform failure into success on your own terms!& make money doing what you love!  This talk will change your life!

Onward & forward with more Celebrity Speakers! “The Secrets of SAles Success!”  The nations #1 real estate broker & star of Bravos Million Dollar Listing La shares his secrets for superstar success.  Get what you want our of life!  No matter what you want or who You are!  Josh Altman, author of its your move, hares his secrets for getting to the top & staying there!  Josh’s clientele consists mostly of entertainers, athletes & high net worth individuals! in 3 years, Josh has sold over 1.5 Billion residential & currently has over $300.000,000 in listings!He will inspire you to achieve HUGE wins!  I saw most of it! What an awesome story!  There more “financial life lessons @ this event than any iHave ever been to! I’m a film maker I’m just thinking would the Honchos of this event be interested in me doing a a.short b. documentary or feature on this event! Ijust got the idea for that dream project typing in front of my “slow computer!!!! P.s Adam Carolla talked about his working @ KROQ my favorite “Alternative new wave” radio station in La!  P.s What ever happened to Rodney Bingenhammer “Rodney on the rock?”

Job The “Now testament” musical play! @ St Monicas Catholic church in Santa Monica ca.

“job The now Testament ” Was written & performed by John Angotti!  I was told that he was in the original “jesus Christ Super star, play or film!  If you want to find out more specifics check his website  About The performance; The performance is beingdone as a type of readers theater!  This could be described as a concert that tells a story!  So let your imagination create the sets as you hear the story of job, told through word & song! Rev. Dr. larry Skuce phd.  “tobreak the linerality of this “generic story line!  Let me interject some of my subjective take on why ahit songs b. plays tv shows & or films be come hits! I think they have to have some ingredients!A.Universality b. Relevanc c.Last but not least the audience have to identify with what story & characters!  Groucho Marx the wise cracking member of the “iconic marx brothers said “Many members of are audience KNow they could not experience some of the crazy loony things we do!! But they vicariously are fantasies they wish they could in their wildest fantasies!  That’s why some of are stories work!”  The story Line: Our main character Aaron is a good & faithful man.  DEspite already suffering greatly throughout his life!  AAron gets a final piece of terrible news!  He has been diagnosed with a terminal illness & must face immense suffering & death!  In the opening scene , , the charaacters are asking Whats the Truth in a world of confusion?  As they Gather @ the table they discuss the pressures of the world & their own individual sufferings!  In his realization of what he must face, AAron cries his Lament to God asking the question Why?!  His dear old friend Re comes to him & offers a story to help him with his struggle!  As Rev begins to tell the story of Job, Aaron falls into a restful sleep where he becomes Job & his friends take on all the characters in the story!  As the dreamends , AAron awakes & reveals to those gathered what he has learned from the book of Job & its relevancy in the world now, Hence The “Now testament!”  Alittle History!  ByJohn Angotti  “It was about 15 years when the story of JOB pursued me!  I wrote a version of it quickly but was never settled on the ending!  A few years after I began to write it, my father passed away!  Then a year or so later my sister lost her son in a motorcycle accident!  & then less than a year from that tragedy, my brother lost his only son who was hit by a car!  The JOB story continued to pursue me!  But I still struggled with the ending because JOBgot more material wealth & had more kida!  This idea kept coming to me that “once you loose a child you never get over it!”  The question that can’t be answered then is “why do bad things happen to good people?!  & Where is God when there is innocent suffering?!   With so many cultures,views & walks of life, there are few things in the world that truly connect all mankind!  But I believe the one thing that unites all people , no matter what religious preference , is the suffering of another, especially the innocent!  When we embrace our sufferings & gathering together in them, we can bring hope & healing to another!  It is in these moments of unity when we see through the eyes of love!  It is through this lens that we become aware of the truth that God doesn’t cause our suffering, but is present to us through the work of human hands!  The Book of Job helps us to maintain our relationship with  God through are moments of suffering, & even when life doesn’t make sense!  We can trust that god is here!” Rev.larry skuce phd.  To give you a couple of personal stories of mine!  After that brilliant introduction to the play by John Angotti!  I’m afilm maker casting director, actor, & whistle blower! Writer etc. I hope not a “jack of all trades & master of none as the old cliche goes! First an experience I had @ my old home town San Diego California!  Some say the most beautiful weather in the world!  I say I love San Diego but it became a “comfort zone for me in entertainment!” There is an old biblical saying!  God works in in strange & bizarre ways!  I added the “bizarre!” to be contemporary!  First in San diego I used to do “trade exchanges & got people tickets & back stage passes In return for a ride  to & back to the concert!  idid this with a young groupie who drove me to The San Diego Sports Arena where Acdc Was Playing!  We got backstage & we’re separated!  After the concer t I couldn’t find her & I felt stranded!  Lived in El Cajon in East County in San Diego Quiet a ways to shlup!  A friend of mine Tom Arnold promised to take me to an after party @ a Holiday in in Mission Valley!  Mean while back to my review of the Job The Now testament!  I thought the music was awesome!  The sound man was so good that I thought it was a live band!  I think that the theme was so real that everybody could relate !  that was the relevant component!  Universality was there because!  I’ msure every body has wondered why bad things happen to good people!  I know I could identify with AARon & job!  That’s why the title is brilliantly worded!  “the now testament!”  the juxtapostining of a readers theater,Theatrical, & using the video screen we’re all mixed ver ycreatively!  that’s why I think making am movie of this would complete the “media paradigm!”  using the video screen reminded me of the light shows In the 6os! total “sensory bombardment!”  Total perspective of the psychedelic experience!

Suzy & Brad & Friends at Danny’s Venice Wednesday, May 13th 7:30 – 10 :00 pm

Suzy Williams – Singer/Songwriter
Brad Kay on piano, vocals, and cornet
Oliver Steinberg on upright string bass
Bobby Barron on drums
special guest singer Mews Small
perform originals and covers.
All ages
No cover or minimum
Food & bar available
Free street parking or $10 lot



Tongva After Dark: The Petrojvic Blasting Co, The Cory Beers Cimbalom Band & Special Guests Nevenka Folk Ensemble Wednesday, May 13th 7:30 – 9:30 pm Santa Monica

Experience the unforgettable sounds of Gypsy and Eastern European music from the perspectives of 3 different artists. Performances cover a range of alluring music from…

KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt – A – Beach Clean Up Thursday, May 14th 2015 7 am – 1 pm Dockweiler State Beach

KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Up is at Dockweiler State Beach on Thursday, May 14, 2015.

Thousands of elementary students are brought together for a beach clean-up and a kid-formed Aerial Art message that will say UNITE for the OCEAN. The kids will also form 60 individual FISH on the beach for a School of Fish.

Volunteers Needed to help with 3,000 KIDS and their Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Up.

UNDER THE WATER Thursday, May 14th 8 pm Comedy Central Stage at The Hudson Los Angeles

A One-Woman Musical Comedy written and performed by Scout Durwood, one of “10 Women Who Rock Comedy”.  Her act was named one of Stand Up Talk’s “Five Awesome Women’s Musical Comedy Acts.” She’s also a Moth Story Slam champion and her work has been featured on Fox’s “The Mindy Project” and Oxygen’s “Funny Girls.”

RSVP in advance by calling (323) 960-5519.


Fruit Tree Adoption hosted by City Plants held at Home Depot Saturday, May 16th 8 am- 12:00 pm Marina Del Rey

City Plants is pleased to partner with Home Depot for a Fruit Tree Adoption. It will start at 8 am till supplies last.

If you are a resident of the City of Los Angeles, you are eligible to adopt a tree and plant it in your yard! You must bring proof of residence (photo ID with an LA City address or a DWP bill) to the adoption event. Supplies are limited and will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Limit one tree per property address. Trees must be planted in the ground.

Home Depot
12975 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Marina Del Rey




Review of a. Can’t Stand losing You surviving The Police film doc! BQ& a of Andy summers!?

I remember seeing the Police @ The civic Theater in Sa ndiego! Late 70s or early 80s!  I had gotten back stage by Help from “Bro” alegendary figure among the “backstage people I knew in the “backstage scene in San diego! Iwas rushing off some “pharmocudical coke I had gotten from Bro a legendary iconic figure in the backstage scene in San diego!  “Can’ Stand Losing You is the best Rock documentary I’ve ever seen!!!!I saw it @ the Laemelle Royal theater 11523 Santa Monica Blvd.West La 90025!  it went from the “earlydays, How Andy summers had played from some different bands including Eric Burdon & theanimals!  “Can’t Stand Losing You Was based on “One Train Later!”, The acclaimed memoir byAndy Summers! Opened in Los Angeles Apri 3, 2015 & opens in Palm Springs April 17-2015! Website is www.Can’tStand  “Subjectively as a “filmmaker & casting agent as I am! The Editing was brilliant!  It mixed live footage of live shows Studio work of the band The Police!  And a “fly on the wall to give what its like to travel on the road touring indifferent venues!  One of the “stand out scene is where  observing aKaraoke bar & a Police song  &people in Japanese bar are singing to a police song!  Andy summers is singing along to The Police song! Then the people in the bar realize that Andy summers I s a mem ber of Police & he is singing along with them.  The realization goes through the crowd like a Snake dance in an Asian parade!  the shooting of “subjective camera shot was “brilliant!  I t made me feel that I was there in the film!  The ‘his” & lows were brilliantly “portayed by the editing  & “juxtaposition of the scenes!  The documentary was coming across of the constantly evolving process of Rock n’Roll!  I don’ agree with the term “punk trio which was portrayed in the pr piece about the band  They we’re more than a “punk Trio!”  Not to be critical of the “nihilistic punk bands! But the Police could actually play which can’t be said of many of the punk bands!  As Adlai Stevenson stated a Progressive Politician who ran for president & lost!  “Doubt is the beginning of wisdom!  But not its “fulfillment!” Some of the press reviewers quotes are,A.”entertaining & insightful! B.”wonderful!”Thom Powers, DOCNYC C.”A MUST-SEE!’ INdie wire.

Based on the acclaimed memoir oneTrain Later by rock guitarist Andy summers, Can’tStand Losing You: Surviving The Police followsSummers journeyfrom his earlydays in the psychedelic 6o’s music scene, when he played with the Animals, to chance encounterswith drummer Stewart Copeland & bassist Sting, which led to the formation of a punk trio, The Police.

During the bands phenomenalrise & its dissolution @ the height of their popularity in the mid 8os,summerscaptured history with his candid photographs!

University!  He said he remembered me when I saw Creem @ the Whisky Ago go in the 60s! Jack Bruce the bass player for Creem! Andy summers made me feel good about my self when he said”he remembered me when I saw him doodling some jazz rock licks @ the Civic Theater in San diego! I interviewed Jack Bruce Bass player of the Creem in the 70s @ San diego State University in San diego California! I interviewed Bruce in Montezuma Hall!

Utilizing rare archival footage & insights from the guitarists side of the stage, Cant Stand losing You brings together past &present as the band mem bers reunite,2 decades later, for a global reunion tour in 2007!

My “Birthday Scottish style on the Queen mary style february 15-2015! by Rev. Dr. larry skuce phd.

Rev. Dr. larry skuce ph.d.  The following “cosmic journey is my trip through the “iconic Queen Mary in long Beach California!  With Emily allen my partner in crime!  Just kidding Emily is a comedian from Michigan & more recently San Diego my home town up until 1985!  But I apoligize lest I “Digress!’   It all started when I got my press pass credentials from DevonMclaren!  SocialMedia pr Manager with The Ace Agency! who was very professional, helpful & full of awesome customer service!  Emily Allen was also very helpful she was my driver & navigator!  She had the technology with a “built in mapquest with her “smart phone” Which helpeus get to the Queen mary!  For those of you who want to go to Queen mary in future! Address is:1126 Queens Highway Long Beach California 90802.  Another cutting edge technology that Emily used was the built in camera in her “smart phone” that took stills & video.  i will get those to you later to give graphic bsides text to my “cosmic birthday Journey!”  First on the Queen mary we got some “big picture photos & video!  First we got a “panoramic view of the iconic Long beach sky line! next we got a photo of a picture of the Queen Mary herself with me standing next to the picture! ThirdlyWeh ad afew moments when the “karmic synchronicity” was with us! While we we’re on The Queen Mary a Scottish marching band marched by us@ bagpipes kilts & the “whole 9 Yards!” Ihad been chanting “‘daimoko” as the Buudhist chanters of sgi Buddhism would call it & this could be considered a,”benefit!’ asthey like to call it! When we were on the ground outside The Queen mary other Scottish bands we’re “marching to the beat of a different “drummer!”  Where have I heard that metaphorical symbolic quote?” I said that!” To quote Bob Dylan!  It was like all of are experinces we’re sent by god!  Or godesses! (To be more politically correct!)  Menawhile back to The Queen Mary!  Emily got an”iconic photo of Laurel & hardy & Fred Astaire!  I suggest if you want to get a, “big picture!’ As my directo Art Utehmeyer would say! Panoramic total perspective you should see the Long Beach sky line@ The top of the Queen mary like we did!  P.s one of the ladies @ the press check in table remem bered me the time I came to th funk fest with George Clinton playing with Kim Manning who is in my feature film Foosball the movie! Starring a. Candy Zappa1  Sister of Fank Zappa! b. Als starring Kim Manning singer with George Clinton yours truly i play part of a mafia disco owner!  Las but notleaset an actor who i s acomedian who worked with Tony Robbins! Happy trails until we meet again along the Cosmic highway of Life! yours truly Rev. Dr. larry skuce phd.

Wellbeing & Buy Local Festival | Saturday, October 18th 11am-5pm | Santa Monica Civic Center