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Film fest november 21-2015. Americas #1 Real Estate Wealth Expo byREv. DR. Larry skuce phd.

Rev. DR. Larry Skuce phd. a.Sr EDitor of freestuffla.comMagazine! (Over 50,000 circulation!)  It all started with me getting an invitation to the film fest! I took 2 buses & got lost had to walk a few blocks to the Westin Hotel!  On west century blvd. For you address & contact INFO FREAKS!  5400 WEst Century […]

Job The “Now testament” musical play! @ St Monicas Catholic church in Santa Monica ca.

“job The now Testament ” Was written & performed by John Angotti!  I was told that he was in the original “jesus Christ Super star, play or film!  If you want to find out more specifics check his website  About The performance; The performance is beingdone as a type of readers theater!  This could be […]

Review of a. Can’t Stand losing You surviving The Police film doc! BQ& a of Andy summers!?

I remember seeing the Police @ The civic Theater in Sa ndiego! Late 70s or early 80s!  I had gotten back stage by Help from “Bro” alegendary figure among the “backstage people I knew in the “backstage scene in San diego! Iwas rushing off some “pharmocudical coke I had gotten from Bro a legendary iconic […]

My “Birthday Scottish style on the Queen mary style february 15-2015! by Rev. Dr. larry skuce phd.

Rev. Dr. larry skuce ph.d.  The following “cosmic journey is my trip through the “iconic Queen Mary in long Beach California!  With Emily allen my partner in crime!  Just kidding Emily is a comedian from Michigan & more recently San Diego my home town up until 1985!  But I apoligize lest I “Digress!’   It […]

George Clinton Interview

Doug Klug Experienced&talented Drummer profile!

Doug Klug is an  A. Experienced & talented drummer!  I have known him for over 20 years! He has played with many “hot monster players!” The Platters, the late JJ “bad boy” Jones local late talen who played with Guitar Slim etc. Just to name a few! Also Larry Davis mentor for STevie Ray Vaugahn […]

Quenton Tarantino cont. from Comico 2014. By Rev. Dr. Larry skuce phd.

Q.Do yo uhave any hand in drawing?  I know you’re not a stranger to animation! qt: Twenty years ago when I was going around the world on movie promos!  I was never able to draw when I was younger!  But a friend of mine was a sketch artist, & he sort of taught me! When I […]

Comic-Con 2014 MTV live

Comic-Con external 2014 downtown sandiego shot by: Arthur Utnehmer /Art Utnehmer   Linkin Park MTV live 2014 shot by : Arthur Utnehmer Batman Comic-Con panel Arkham Knight shot by: Teresa Utnehmer reviewed by: Larry Skuce  

Comic-Con 2014:Quentin Tarantino on the Django-Zorro crossover,Cont.

qt: cont.  What I thought was such a great idea was taking the most famous fictional Mexican western hero, & putting him together with one of the most famous black western heroes! rh:  They both have O @ the end of their name.  He said: Black & Brown fight together.”  What I like about Quenton is […]

Comic-con 2014: Quenton Tarantino on The Django-Zorro crossover Cont.

Quenton Tarantino:  I loved the idea!  One of the things that I liked so much, I grew up reading western comics & entertainment in general, whether it was the Zorro comics, or the Disney show, Or Zorros fighting Legend!  What I thought was such a great idea was taking the most famous fictional Mexican western […]