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Comic-Con 2014: Quenton Tarantino on the Django-Zorro crossover

Director joins panel Q&A on Dynamite’s comic book sequel to his western, & confirms next project The Hateful Eight!  By Emma-Lee moss.  Posted by:Rev. Dr. Larry Skuce phd.  Quenton Tarantino attends Dynamites 10 th, anniversary panel @ Comic-Con in San Diego,California! The publishing Co. Dynamite Entertainment,which celebrates its 1o th anniversary this year, will publish […]

Comicon 2014! From Lincoln Park thursdayjuly 25-2014 to Quenton Tarantino! By Rev. Dr. larry skuce phd.

Rev. Dr. Larry skuce phd. vice president of magazine (over 50,000 circulation!)  First I would like to thank A. Karen & the awesome people who helped me get press credentials that made this all possible!B.& also I would like to thank Brittany & all the people @ mtv who helped me with some “unexpected […]

Jersey Boys film review BY REV.dR.LARRY SKUCE PHD.

In the 60s &70s my “love affair focus!” on Black Rhythm & blues “warmed!” Elvis & Carl perkins!” Some of my first records that iboughtd singer that sang on the “higher registers!” I was told by my “backstage groupies that behind the scenes “gossip” was that many “acts didn’t want to appear after the 4 […]

Art in commemoration of Massacre in Tiananmen Square story lectue & photos by Catherine Bauknight posted by Rev.Dr.Larry Skuce phd.

Rev. Dr. larry Skuce phd,here1  Ihad been to the art opening earlier in the month before & got some information about the Massacre of Tiananmen Square @ Bragamont station my favorite sit of art Galleries! I heard recently that this is the biggest & most popular site of Art Galleries in southern California!This was actually […]

Spirit of Freedom commemorating the Tiananmen Massacre may31-14!ByRev.Dr. Larry skuce phd

Last sATURDAY i WENT TO BERGAMONT STATION ON mAY 24-2014. 2525 Michigan ave. f2 Santa Monica 90404.  As usual Iwent there to see another opening! Bergamont station is the biggest Art Center in southern california! What i found was a show on the  Tiananmen Square massacre!  Very interesting!  I’m a “history buff!” Now for the […]

Palo Alto review of film cont. by Rev.Dr. Larry Skuce phd.

Rev.Dr. Larry Skuce phd.  “Palo Alto film review Cont. May 15-2014. some people thought that Val Kilmers sons performance in “Palo Alto: reminded them of River Phoenix!  This is what the Publicist for ” Palo Alto”told me!Heather Forziah of 42 WEst..  Palo alto is playing @Lamaelle Theater in Santa Monica on second st.  Val Kilmer […]

Comic-Con: Sandra Bullock, Tom CRuise talk “Gravity”, “EDge of tomorrow”posted by Larry Skuce. Cont.

“If I was going to be stranded in space, Iwouldn’t mind being stranded with them, “Cuaron quipped during the panel!  When Bullock walked onto the stage with producer David Heyman, she was greeted by loud cheers, and several people screamed, “I love you Sandra!”Bullock recalled the intense physical demands of the role!, which requiredher her […]

Tom Cruise Sings @ comicon San diego 2013! Posted by Rev. Dr. Larry Skuce phd.

Tom Cruise & Sandra Bullock appeared @ Comic Convention! Sandra bullock talked about Gravity! her “block buster space &time travel& surreal film about “outer & inner space! rumors are that Val Kilmer will appear In Sequel of “Top Gun” with Tom Cruise!”Comic-Con: Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise talk Gravity, “Edge ofTomorrow”Zack Snyders announcement of a planned […]

Palo Alto screening Afilm by Gia Coppola Val Kilmer & Gia Coppola live Q&a

“PALO ALTO” film Based on the book “palo Alto stories by James FRanco! Special screening sat May 10-2014. 7:30pm @ Landmark theater. Westwood blvd & WEst pico blvd. 10850 West Pico Blvd. Live q&A by Val Kilmer & Gia Coppola! (after 7:30pm show.

Guitar shorty New years eve 2013-2014 dec31! Harvelles Santa Monica by Larry Skuce

Guitar Shorty, (who has played with JImi Hendrix in the past & other “icons!Brought in a blues new year @ Harvelles the historic blues Venue in Santa Monica His drummer was hot & did many “offbeats1. He went around the crowd playing his guitar & really “rocked the joint!”I got caught up with a british […]