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Quenton Tarantino cont. from Comico 2014. By Rev. Dr. Larry skuce phd.

Q.Do yo uhave any hand in drawing?  I know you’re not a stranger to animation! qt: Twenty years ago when I was going around the world on movie promos!  I was never able to draw when I was younger!  But a friend of mine was a sketch artist, & he sort of taught me! When I […]

Comic-Con 2014 MTV live

Comic-Con external 2014 downtown sandiego shot by: Arthur Utnehmer /Art Utnehmer   Linkin Park MTV live 2014 shot by : Arthur Utnehmer Batman Comic-Con panel Arkham Knight shot by: Teresa Utnehmer reviewed by: Larry Skuce  

Comic-Con 2014:Quentin Tarantino on the Django-Zorro crossover,Cont.

qt: cont.  What I thought was such a great idea was taking the most famous fictional Mexican western hero, & putting him together with one of the most famous black western heroes! rh:  They both have O @ the end of their name.  He said: Black & Brown fight together.”  What I like about Quenton is […]

Comic-con 2014: Quenton Tarantino on The Django-Zorro crossover Cont.

Quenton Tarantino:  I loved the idea!  One of the things that I liked so much, I grew up reading western comics & entertainment in general, whether it was the Zorro comics, or the Disney show, Or Zorros fighting Legend!  What I thought was such a great idea was taking the most famous fictional Mexican western […]

Comic-Con 2014: Quenton Tarantino on the Django-Zorro crossover

Director joins panel Q&A on Dynamite’s comic book sequel to his western, & confirms next project The Hateful Eight!  By Emma-Lee moss.  Posted by:Rev. Dr. Larry Skuce phd.  Quenton Tarantino attends Dynamites 10 th, anniversary panel @ Comic-Con in San Diego,California! The publishing Co. Dynamite Entertainment,which celebrates its 1o th anniversary this year, will publish […]