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Beverly Hills,Ca-The Academy foundation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has awarded $455,000 to 25 U.S. Film Festivals for the 2012 calendar year!

The Cleveland International Film Festival will be the recipient of a multi year grant for its Focus onFilmakers program!  It will recieve a total of $$150,000, over a 3 year period!  The chicago International film Festival is in its  second year on a multiyear grant, recieving $150,00  in ttal for its World Cinema Spotlight program!  While the grants are awarded are awarded for a variety of festival programs, organizers are encouraged to submit proposals intended to make festival events more accessible to the general public, provide greateraccess to minority and less visible filmmakers ,and help stengthen the connection between filmmakers & general public!  the 2012 film festival grants allocations are as follows, $50,0001  A.Chicago International Film Festival-World Cinema Spotlight program B.Cleveland International Film-Festival- Focus on Filmmakers.By Larry skuce


     Los Angeles Film Festival-Free Screening program

     San Francisco International LGBT-Focus on Filmmakers


     a.Ann Arbor Film Festival-50th Anniversary Archival program

     b.Chicago international Childrens Film Festival-Directors in the Schools Educational Curriculum Development and free ticket

c.Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (Durham Nc)-Thematic program

     d.Outfest !  The La Gay & lesbainFilm Festival- 30 years of outfest ! retrospective program

e.Palm Springs  International Short Fest -Filmmakers forum

f. the remainder of grant can be found on the Academys website.

 Since it’s establishment in 1999, the Academy Festival Grant program has distributed 277 grants totaling $ 4.85 million in funding.  For more information on the grants program visit,                             .

The Academy Foundation -the Academy’s cultural and educational wing-annually distributes more than $1million to film scholars,cultural organizations and film festivals throughout the U.S.! and abroad!  the Foundation also presents the Academy’s rich assortment of screenings and other public programs each year!

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