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Comic-Con: Sandra Bullock, Tom CRuise talk “Gravity”, “EDge of tomorrow”posted by Larry Skuce. Cont.

“If I was going to be stranded in space, Iwouldn’t mind being stranded with them, “Cuaron quipped during the panel!  When Bullock walked onto the stage with producer David Heyman, she was greeted by loud cheers, and several people screamed, “I love you Sandra!”Bullock recalled the intense physical demands of the role!, which requiredher her to be in a 9 by 9- foot led-lit cube for the majority of filming, suspended from 12 wires, 10 feet above the ground, to simulate weightlessness of outer space!  A camera on a robot, dubbed “iris,” filmed from all angles, sometimes moving 25 miles per hour before stopping inches from Bullocks face.  Bullock said she & Cuaron created music for her to listen to while she was filming.  “You were able to create a soundtrack, ” She said!  “They were able to create that for you while you we’re doing a scene!  So you could feel something outside of this extreme loneliness while you we’re in this cube!  DEspite the precise mathematical planning and innovative technology involved in creating a gravity-free environment, Cuaron said his directing focus was not on the technology but on Bullocks performance & her characters emotional journey.  Cuaron & Bullock were followed onstage by Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt & the filmmakers behind “EDge Of Tomorrow,” a science-fiction film based on the book”All You Need is Kill” by Hiroshi Sakurasaka, who was in attendance.

Cruise dialed up the charm throughout the panel, palling around with the moderator, Nerdist personality Chris hardwick.  Cruise noted that the pair had shared a role, The big haired rock star Stacey Jaxx from Rock of Ages”(hardwick acted in an early LOs Angeles production of the musical), & the 2 broke into song, crooning ” I wanna Know What Love Is.”

Cruise was joined on the panel by costar Blunt, director Doug Liman (“The Bourne I dentitiy,” “Mr & mrsSmith” & screenwriter Chris McQuarrie .  @ one point , Cruise pointed to costar Bill Paxton, seated in the audience, & invited him to join them onstage.

In “Edge of Tomorrow,” Cruise plays a soldier who discovers he has the power to keep repeating the same day!  A day that happens to be crucial in the outcome of a war against alien invaders.

“The suits were really heavy to wear, so if you didn’t stay fit, you’d throw your back out!” Blunt said.Our personalities did a 180 as soon as we had the suits on. We we’re much nicer out of the suit!”

Although the preview footage focused on action,Paxton emphasized that the film also contains humor.

CRuise “Getting into the suit is like something out of a Woody Allen movie.

“Edge of Tomorrow ” is slated for release June 6,2014. By, REv. DR. Larry skuce phd.

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