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Spirit of Freedom commemorating the Tiananmen Massacre may31-14!ByRev.Dr. Larry skuce phd

Last sATURDAY i WENT TO BERGAMONT STATION ON mAY 24-2014. 2525 Michigan ave. f2 Santa Monica 90404.  As usual Iwent there to see another opening! Bergamont station is the biggest Art Center in southern california! What i found was a show on the  Tiananmen Square massacre!  Very interesting!  I’m a “history buff!” Now for the future & “eternal now!”

This Saturday May 31-2014.  There will be another ARt opening!  There will be people there that were present when this massacre happend!  Including what I’m told is a photographer that got some of the “Iconic historc photos!”  It’s all free! Plus refreshments!  If you want more information & other related event details.  or call (310)433-0697.  It will be 2pm starting time!  I will be letting you know the end time in the future!  One of the things I like about Bergamont Station!  Is that when I go ta advertised art opening there are sometimes more art opening that are like<”icing on the “art cake!” One of the surprises I liked was the tshirts for sell that had the iconic photo of the “freedom fighter” standing in front ofthe tank taunting it! By Rev. Dr. Larry skuce phd.

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