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Art in commemoration of Massacre in Tiananmen Square story lectue & photos by Catherine Bauknight posted by Rev.Dr.Larry Skuce phd.

Rev. Dr. larry Skuce phd,here1  Ihad been to the art opening earlier in the month before & got some information about the Massacre of Tiananmen Square @ Bragamont station my favorite sit of art Galleries! I heard recently that this is the biggest & most popular site of Art Galleries in southern California!This was actually my “planb, for the visit of my cousin & aunt,who went to stmonicas elementary school in 1929!  this show was interesting they showed stills etc. of puppets symbolizing the suffering of the students @ the Tiananmen Square massacre in June of 1989!    Many college students put flowers in the guns of the soldiers!  Just like the hippies in America!  The lecture story & photos were by Catherine Bauknight These are quotes from the Pasadena Weekly Story &photos by Catherine Bauknight “Thousands of students who were peacefully congregating some had camped for weeks!  Less than an hour later:,soldiers made thir first demand!”leave the square or we will shoot to kill!  When the students did notleave,asecond warning was issued!  No one believed the threat to be genuine!  Shortly after that, soldiers began shooting into the crowd!  “When Ireturned to my hotel I was stunned to find that the bloody demonstration had not been mentioned on tv!  Instead, The Bejing Circus was broadcast for hours on all state-run tv channels!  Telephone communication was cut off, & I was told Red cross reported that 3,000 people had been killed!”  Comment by Rev Dr larry skuce phd. “it reminds me of the Romans & their,”bread & circuses!” ” This year marks the 26 the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square, Massacre! a time to both reconsider the Chines government disregard for human rights  & honor the students & others who died for this Nobelcause!”

Catherines photos are a part of the Visual Arts Guild Art & Democracy Vart exhibition on the 25 th anniversary of the Tiamnanmen Sqaure massacre& Fall of the Berlin Wall running until june 28 @ Building Bridges Art Foundation, Bergamot Station Art Center, Unit f2, 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica, (310)453-7535 Santa Monica.  For more information contact Ann Lau, (310)433-0697 or email:

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