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Jersey Boys film review BY REV.dR.LARRY SKUCE PHD.

In the 60s &70s my “love affair focus!” on Black Rhythm & blues “warmed!” Elvis & Carl perkins!” Some of my first records that iboughtd singer that sang on the “higher registers!” I was told by my “backstage groupies that behind the scenes “gossip” was that many “acts didn’t want to appear after the 4 Seasons because they we’re so talented that thee acts didn’t want to be “blow Off the stage!”  As the slangwas back then! Probably they we’re jealous! I’ve been told by some of my black musician friends that here was also much jealousy against some of them in the “black community!” Both Bobby Hatfield & Franke valli we’re tenors of the”higher register.  I’m sure that every local town had one of these “troubadors of the “higher notes!”  My home town had Jeff Jobes Idon’t know if Im spelling his name correctly! or even if he’s still alive!  This was years late fifties & early 60s when Frank ZAppa was playing drums with bandslike the Ramblers! Headed by Jr madeo who later taught FrankZappa lead guitar on steps of Mission Bay High School!  Which Frank ZAppa, me larry Skuce Jr Madeo we’re all in the same year!  Jr Madeo no has a Fusion jazz band based in Atlanta. they have albums out!  & play in & around Atlanta!  Now I remember the “falsetto” is the “signature style that Frankie Valli There we’re some directors styles that I liked which Clint EAstwood used!  One was the fly on the wall techinique that showed “working class I talian family life!   “slice of life” what it was like being “raised in NewJersey for a young person on the streets hustle bustle!  In the “narration!” or was it one of the lines of the characters?  “GRowing up in New Jersey11Y ou had 3 choices how toget out! aMake it big in entertainment!be “hit” executed involved in a organized crime “mafia” crime scenario! or Become a politician Like “slim” Governor Christie!  Notice any, “sarcasm?!”  I fIget achance to interview, Clint Eastwood?!(Any body out there know how Icould contact this, “iconic actor/director?!  I would ask him who’s ideait was to use thenarrators actor/characters, in film to advance the plot & act as, “flies n the wall!” & explain & express the “subliminal foibles” of the characters in film!  I thought it was awesome &brilliant!..Did Eastwoodget this from Groucho Marx?  Who used it in his early Marx brothers films?  One of the most “iconic lines in the filmis almost “time shifting! another technique use by another Italian DirectorQuenton Tarantino! 4 guys under the “streetlight(my words!)when it was all stll ahead of us, the first time we made that sound, our sound!” allegedly written byRick Elice&Marshall Brickman!?”  It has it roots in a style that was big startingin late 50s to early60s $beyondLike thegroup thatmade ig hit”get a job!”  I think the style was called!  Do wop!  I might have the spelling incorrect! I was a goods speller in myouth but in my oldie but goodie age, I have to use “spell check!”  I also have a problem with grammar!  Does any body out there know if there is such a thing as “grammar check?”  Being a person who has some experience of life on the “road!” I think scene blowing nosein towel! Gavesome”flavor of being on the road!  Also,’family fights. & internal band battles gave us, what I call the, “recipe for a “hit song & or “hit film or tv show! “Relevant/ identificational universality!  And yo ucan quote me on that!  Not Bob Dylan!  But don’tforget to give me my “residuals!”For the “unitiated!” % off the top of the GROSS! NOT Off the top of the “net!” If they offer you that deal!  Don’t walk away!  Run away!  Their ripping you off!”Jersey Boys aDirected by Clint EAstwood/written by Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice/Warner Bros. Isaw it @ Amc 7 in SAnta Monica 3rd st promenade.  Posted &written by Rev. Dr. larry Skuce phd.

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