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Comicon 2014! From Lincoln Park thursdayjuly 25-2014 to Quenton Tarantino! By Rev. Dr. larry skuce phd.

Rev. Dr. Larry skuce phd. vice president of magazine (over 50,000 circulation!)  First I would like to thank A. Karen & the awesome people who helped me get press credentials that made this all possible!B.& also I would like to thank Brittany & all the people @ mtv who helped me with some “unexpected problems @ the last minute! There is Quite a “back story here! Starting with Thursday parking was a “zoo!” on are way to Petco Park!” Luckily we found a “disabled parking place “all in blue!”  but time was of the essence!  We had to make it to get are passes & enter by 8pm!  I had my photographer drop us off go to find parking so we could be there before 8pm!  It reminded me of the classic film, “The great train robbery Where the action & camera went back & forth!  Theresa my photographer & video grapher was late so the lady @ The press table Gave her some slack & let her register after8pm!  Most of the people there were from comicon since Comicon pass holders we’re let in free with a pass!

I interviewed a security person & he told me that The stadium on the other side of the park was where the padres play!  Also he said”‘the rolling Stones had played there & Paul McCartney was going to play there in September 2014! He said it used to be a rundown area!  But they really re-vitalized the area!  Put new businesses there etc.  It was very controversial!  & there were many different investors involved!  We got one free burger & a free drink with are admission!

Linkin Park didn’t come on till 10:15!  Played some of the songs off their new album!  I will tell you more about the songs later! The drummer  was awesome!  He played many”off beats!  & was the “heart beat of the band! This band had “eclectic dynamics” Tastefully build up the “tension” then brought wall of sound back down!  They didn’t play a long set!  I heard that they we’re recording the concert live!  I will tell you more of the comicon  next 2 days  later!  After the concert I went back to Oceanside to spend the night in my directors tent!  that is another story within itself!  P.s We video taped Linkin Park live!  I will Share that with you later When the link is posted!g

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