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Comic-Con 2014: Quenton Tarantino on the Django-Zorro crossover

Director joins panel Q&A on Dynamite’s comic book sequel to his western, & confirms next project The Hateful Eight!  By Emma-Lee moss.  Posted by:Rev. Dr. Larry Skuce phd.  Quenton Tarantino attends Dynamites 10 th, anniversary panel @ Comic-Con in San Diego,California! The publishing Co. Dynamite Entertainment,which celebrates its 1o th anniversary this year, will publish the first non-film sequel to a Quenton Tarantino movie in November, with a comic book featuring Django Unchained’s Django alongside Zorro,  the long-running character from the Dynamite universe.

Senior figures from Dynamite gathered @ Comic-Con in San Dieg, California, todiscuss the Django/Zorro crossover & premiere its artwork, along with is writer, Matt Wagner, Django Unchained producer, Reginald Hudlin, & Tarantino,who was the main draw!

The panel discussed the genesis of the idea briefly, then opened the floor to questions, mostly from Tarantino fans but with a fair number expressing a particular interest in the crossover & the Dynamite stable as a whole!

Tarantino,using theword “mate”enough to come across alittle pirate like or like a person from Australia!  Tarantino was friendly & conversational, dropping hints about future projects, &offering @ one point encouragement to a filmmaker fan.  He also confirmed that The Hateful 8, aforthcoming film whose future was in doubt after a script leak, was going ahead!

The following was recoded on my “ancient analog audio tape recorder!” By Rev. Dr. Larry Skuce phd.

Q: Who approached who about doing this collaboration?

Reginald Hudlin: Nick (Barrucci of Dynamite Entertainment) & I have been friends for a long time & as Django Unchained was about to come out, before it had even premiered, Nick called me up & said:  “I’ve got an idea: Django meets Zorro.”  So me & Quenton had dinner & I told him the idea, & Quenton said…

Quenton Tarantino:  I loved the idea!  One of the things that I liked so much, I grew up reading westerm comics & entertainment in general, whether it was the Zorro comics, or the Disney show, or Zorros Fighting legend!  I will add more to this Q& a later! For now happy trails. Revdr larryskuce phd. Over & out!

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