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Comic-Con 2014:Quentin Tarantino on the Django-Zorro crossover,Cont.

qt: cont.  What I thought was such a great idea was taking the most famous fictional Mexican western hero, & putting him together with one of the most famous black western heroes!

rh:  They both have O @ the end of their name.  He said: Black & Brown fight together.”  What I like about Quenton is we have the same political agenda!

Zorro has met the Shadow, the Lone Ranger.   How is this going to differ?  How will you be blending the 2 Atmospheres?

matt Wagener:  They are both opposed to oppression!  Djangos approach is a little more personal, a little more deadly.  Django is civil war era, & Zorro comes into prime in 1815, so I thought maybe we’ll have a new incarnation!  But Quenton shot it down, he said :  “No it has to be old!  I t has to be your Zorro!” &that instantly worked for me!  Quenton brought p that after years & yeasr of posing as the top Don Diego de la Vega, he has kind of become fastidious @ old & he likes cucumber sandwiches!

QT:  he’s dedicated to teatime.  & his prairie perfumes.  But don’t get us wrong!  He puts on his costume & kicks ass!

What did Jamie Foxx think about Zorro & Django meeting up?

Qt:  I bumped into him a few months ago & he thought it was a fantastic idea!  He was like:  “Can we make a movie of this?  I’m their Man!  Lets get Antonio!  lets do this!”

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