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Quenton Tarantino cont. from Comico 2014. By Rev. Dr. Larry skuce phd.

Q.Do yo uhave any hand in drawing?  I know you’re not a stranger to animation! qt: Twenty years ago when I was going around the world on movie promos!  I was never able to draw when I was younger!  But a friend of mine was a sketch artist, & he sort of taught me! When I was prmoting Resovoir dogs, I started getting into it.  I’m only good @ drawing caricatures of myself!  Like if I was in England, I’d be me & a bobby, or in Scotland it would be me & nessy!  Then it kind of went away. Q. When does this sequel take place?  Qt:  They’re both older!  MW: We’re just on the cusp of the civil war.  One thing we can reveal is that Djangos not with Brunhilda.  He blew up a whole plantation of white people, so he’s had to sprate himself from her for her own safety!

QT:  He dropped her of in Philadelphia & she’s working for the abolitionists.  She’s telling her story to make money!

RH:  That was real business!  People doing lecture tours to make money for the movement!  She would have been the perfect poster girl!

Qt:  Meanwhile,Django is

still a bounty hunter.  Q.What is your favorite scene in a movie of yours?  Qt:  I actually think the best scenes I ever wrote are the Hans Landa & the French farmer scene in Inglorious Bastards, & in the first script I ever wrote , True Romance, the whole “Sicilian” scene between Dennis Hopper & Christopher Walken.  I like all the stuff I’d done after that but I knew I’d never topped that scene!  When I wrote the scene in Inglorious bastards,  I thought “I finally Matched it!”  What was weird, once I wrote that I couldn’t write the rest of the story!  I had to put it away, but I knew I had to finish it because it was to good a scene to go to waste!

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