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My “Birthday Scottish style on the Queen mary style february 15-2015! by Rev. Dr. larry skuce phd.

Rev. Dr. larry skuce ph.d.  The following “cosmic journey is my trip through the “iconic Queen Mary in long Beach California!  With Emily allen my partner in crime!  Just kidding Emily is a comedian from Michigan & more recently San Diego my home town up until 1985!  But I apoligize lest I “Digress!’   It all started when I got my press pass credentials from DevonMclaren!  SocialMedia pr Manager with The Ace Agency! who was very professional, helpful & full of awesome customer service!  Emily Allen was also very helpful she was my driver & navigator!  She had the technology with a “built in mapquest with her “smart phone” Which helpeus get to the Queen mary!  For those of you who want to go to Queen mary in future! Address is:1126 Queens Highway Long Beach California 90802.  Another cutting edge technology that Emily used was the built in camera in her “smart phone” that took stills & video.  i will get those to you later to give graphic bsides text to my “cosmic birthday Journey!”  First on the Queen mary we got some “big picture photos & video!  First we got a “panoramic view of the iconic Long beach sky line! next we got a photo of a picture of the Queen Mary herself with me standing next to the picture! ThirdlyWeh ad afew moments when the “karmic synchronicity” was with us! While we we’re on The Queen Mary a Scottish marching band marched by us@ bagpipes kilts & the “whole 9 Yards!” Ihad been chanting “‘daimoko” as the Buudhist chanters of sgi Buddhism would call it & this could be considered a,”benefit!’ asthey like to call it! When we were on the ground outside The Queen mary other Scottish bands we’re “marching to the beat of a different “drummer!”  Where have I heard that metaphorical symbolic quote?” I said that!” To quote Bob Dylan!  It was like all of are experinces we’re sent by god!  Or godesses! (To be more politically correct!)  Menawhile back to The Queen Mary!  Emily got an”iconic photo of Laurel & hardy & Fred Astaire!  I suggest if you want to get a, “big picture!’ As my directo Art Utehmeyer would say! Panoramic total perspective you should see the Long Beach sky line@ The top of the Queen mary like we did!  P.s one of the ladies @ the press check in table remem bered me the time I came to th funk fest with George Clinton playing with Kim Manning who is in my feature film Foosball the movie! Starring a. Candy Zappa1  Sister of Fank Zappa! b. Als starring Kim Manning singer with George Clinton yours truly i play part of a mafia disco owner!  Las but notleaset an actor who i s acomedian who worked with Tony Robbins! Happy trails until we meet again along the Cosmic highway of Life! yours truly Rev. Dr. larry skuce phd.

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