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Review of a. Can’t Stand losing You surviving The Police film doc! BQ& a of Andy summers!?

I remember seeing the Police @ The civic Theater in Sa ndiego! Late 70s or early 80s!  I had gotten back stage by Help from “Bro” alegendary figure among the “backstage people I knew in the “backstage scene in San diego! Iwas rushing off some “pharmocudical coke I had gotten from Bro a legendary iconic figure in the backstage scene in San diego!  “Can’ Stand Losing You is the best Rock documentary I’ve ever seen!!!!I saw it @ the Laemelle Royal theater 11523 Santa Monica Blvd.West La 90025!  it went from the “earlydays, How Andy summers had played from some different bands including Eric Burdon & theanimals!  “Can’t Stand Losing You Was based on “One Train Later!”, The acclaimed memoir byAndy Summers! Opened in Los Angeles Apri 3, 2015 & opens in Palm Springs April 17-2015! Website is www.Can’tStand  “Subjectively as a “filmmaker & casting agent as I am! The Editing was brilliant!  It mixed live footage of live shows Studio work of the band The Police!  And a “fly on the wall to give what its like to travel on the road touring indifferent venues!  One of the “stand out scene is where  observing aKaraoke bar & a Police song  &people in Japanese bar are singing to a police song!  Andy summers is singing along to The Police song! Then the people in the bar realize that Andy summers I s a mem ber of Police & he is singing along with them.  The realization goes through the crowd like a Snake dance in an Asian parade!  the shooting of “subjective camera shot was “brilliant!  I t made me feel that I was there in the film!  The ‘his” & lows were brilliantly “portayed by the editing  & “juxtaposition of the scenes!  The documentary was coming across of the constantly evolving process of Rock n’Roll!  I don’ agree with the term “punk trio which was portrayed in the pr piece about the band  They we’re more than a “punk Trio!”  Not to be critical of the “nihilistic punk bands! But the Police could actually play which can’t be said of many of the punk bands!  As Adlai Stevenson stated a Progressive Politician who ran for president & lost!  “Doubt is the beginning of wisdom!  But not its “fulfillment!” Some of the press reviewers quotes are,A.”entertaining & insightful! B.”wonderful!”Thom Powers, DOCNYC C.”A MUST-SEE!’ INdie wire.

Based on the acclaimed memoir oneTrain Later by rock guitarist Andy summers, Can’tStand Losing You: Surviving The Police followsSummers journeyfrom his earlydays in the psychedelic 6o’s music scene, when he played with the Animals, to chance encounterswith drummer Stewart Copeland & bassist Sting, which led to the formation of a punk trio, The Police.

During the bands phenomenalrise & its dissolution @ the height of their popularity in the mid 8os,summerscaptured history with his candid photographs!

University!  He said he remembered me when I saw Creem @ the Whisky Ago go in the 60s! Jack Bruce the bass player for Creem! Andy summers made me feel good about my self when he said”he remembered me when I saw him doodling some jazz rock licks @ the Civic Theater in San diego! I interviewed Jack Bruce Bass player of the Creem in the 70s @ San diego State University in San diego California! I interviewed Bruce in Montezuma Hall!

Utilizing rare archival footage & insights from the guitarists side of the stage, Cant Stand losing You brings together past &present as the band mem bers reunite,2 decades later, for a global reunion tour in 2007!

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