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Job The “Now testament” musical play! @ St Monicas Catholic church in Santa Monica ca.

“job The now Testament ” Was written & performed by John Angotti!  I was told that he was in the original “jesus Christ Super star, play or film!  If you want to find out more specifics check his website  About The performance; The performance is beingdone as a type of readers theater!  This could be described as a concert that tells a story!  So let your imagination create the sets as you hear the story of job, told through word & song! Rev. Dr. larry Skuce phd.  “tobreak the linerality of this “generic story line!  Let me interject some of my subjective take on why ahit songs b. plays tv shows & or films be come hits! I think they have to have some ingredients!A.Universality b. Relevanc c.Last but not least the audience have to identify with what story & characters!  Groucho Marx the wise cracking member of the “iconic marx brothers said “Many members of are audience KNow they could not experience some of the crazy loony things we do!! But they vicariously are fantasies they wish they could in their wildest fantasies!  That’s why some of are stories work!”  The story Line: Our main character Aaron is a good & faithful man.  DEspite already suffering greatly throughout his life!  AAron gets a final piece of terrible news!  He has been diagnosed with a terminal illness & must face immense suffering & death!  In the opening scene , , the charaacters are asking Whats the Truth in a world of confusion?  As they Gather @ the table they discuss the pressures of the world & their own individual sufferings!  In his realization of what he must face, AAron cries his Lament to God asking the question Why?!  His dear old friend Re comes to him & offers a story to help him with his struggle!  As Rev begins to tell the story of Job, Aaron falls into a restful sleep where he becomes Job & his friends take on all the characters in the story!  As the dreamends , AAron awakes & reveals to those gathered what he has learned from the book of Job & its relevancy in the world now, Hence The “Now testament!”  Alittle History!  ByJohn Angotti  “It was about 15 years when the story of JOB pursued me!  I wrote a version of it quickly but was never settled on the ending!  A few years after I began to write it, my father passed away!  Then a year or so later my sister lost her son in a motorcycle accident!  & then less than a year from that tragedy, my brother lost his only son who was hit by a car!  The JOB story continued to pursue me!  But I still struggled with the ending because JOBgot more material wealth & had more kida!  This idea kept coming to me that “once you loose a child you never get over it!”  The question that can’t be answered then is “why do bad things happen to good people?!  & Where is God when there is innocent suffering?!   With so many cultures,views & walks of life, there are few things in the world that truly connect all mankind!  But I believe the one thing that unites all people , no matter what religious preference , is the suffering of another, especially the innocent!  When we embrace our sufferings & gathering together in them, we can bring hope & healing to another!  It is in these moments of unity when we see through the eyes of love!  It is through this lens that we become aware of the truth that God doesn’t cause our suffering, but is present to us through the work of human hands!  The Book of Job helps us to maintain our relationship with  God through are moments of suffering, & even when life doesn’t make sense!  We can trust that god is here!” Rev.larry skuce phd.  To give you a couple of personal stories of mine!  After that brilliant introduction to the play by John Angotti!  I’m afilm maker casting director, actor, & whistle blower! Writer etc. I hope not a “jack of all trades & master of none as the old cliche goes! First an experience I had @ my old home town San Diego California!  Some say the most beautiful weather in the world!  I say I love San Diego but it became a “comfort zone for me in entertainment!” There is an old biblical saying!  God works in in strange & bizarre ways!  I added the “bizarre!” to be contemporary!  First in San diego I used to do “trade exchanges & got people tickets & back stage passes In return for a ride  to & back to the concert!  idid this with a young groupie who drove me to The San Diego Sports Arena where Acdc Was Playing!  We got backstage & we’re separated!  After the concer t I couldn’t find her & I felt stranded!  Lived in El Cajon in East County in San Diego Quiet a ways to shlup!  A friend of mine Tom Arnold promised to take me to an after party @ a Holiday in in Mission Valley!  Mean while back to my review of the Job The Now testament!  I thought the music was awesome!  The sound man was so good that I thought it was a live band!  I think that the theme was so real that everybody could relate !  that was the relevant component!  Universality was there because!  I’ msure every body has wondered why bad things happen to good people!  I know I could identify with AARon & job!  That’s why the title is brilliantly worded!  “the now testament!”  the juxtapostining of a readers theater,Theatrical, & using the video screen we’re all mixed ver ycreatively!  that’s why I think making am movie of this would complete the “media paradigm!”  using the video screen reminded me of the light shows In the 6os! total “sensory bombardment!”  Total perspective of the psychedelic experience!

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