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Film fest november 21-2015. Americas #1 Real Estate Wealth Expo byREv. DR. Larry skuce phd.

Rev. DR. Larry Skuce phd. a.Sr EDitor of freestuffla.comMagazine! (Over 50,000 circulation!)  It all started with me getting an invitation to the film fest! I took 2 buses & got lost had to walk a few blocks to the Westin Hotel!  On west century blvd. For you address & contact INFO FREAKS!  5400 WEst Century blvd.  I have been to many events like this!  Usually We get a free meal! No free meal but there was free water & candy!  I was tempted but afraid of getting g diabetes I was conservative about eating the candy!  Most all of the manyspeakers has some information which I was in need of knowledge! But there Were some “stand outs!”  I’m not going to write this article,”LInear!!”  Iforget the dud e that was talking after Adam Carolla! He was talking about “Stocks & that is another subject I don’t know about! Part of me wanted to go & part of me wanted to go! One thing that I liked about this event was that most if not all of the speakers had appled there “success formulas & made millions!  some of the “lessons I liked were a. the “giving finders fees to those that found buyers for different properties! They we’re “role models for  real Estate SAles!  Mark Larson was talking about stocks another subject that I need more knowledge on!  99 Ways to Beat The IRs? Tax secrets of The Millionaires!  Pat James!   President & Ceo of United States LLC,has been a guest Patrick James talked about “How to beat the Iris He discussed many ways to Beat The Irs (legally of course!) The peak for me was Adam Carolla, creditsA.Spike Tv B.Tvstar Of to Catch A Contractor! The name of his talk was, “Do What You Love & the money Will Follow!”  I had seen him on the “man Show” etc. But I had never seen him live! He did straight “Stand Up!” Over 90 minutes! He put on the screen his Social security earnings! I have never seen anyone do that on stage or anywhere! He talked about his Hi school experiences @North Hollywood hi school!  He talked about his meeting Jimmy Kimmel& his day jobs like teaching boxing!  Much of the lessons that I learned @ this event were we’re “life changing!” The lessons on “tax deductions were worth more than the inflated prices I paid @ The WEstin Hotel!  It was inspiring to me that Carollas income on social security went over one million by “the mid 80s!”

Adam Carolla Had some thing in common with me! He had to make up a credit to “graduate” North Hollywood hi! I “failed my senior year @ Mission Bay Hi School same time as FRank ZAppa,& MIchael Henson who starred in the movie “Endless summer!” the original Endless summer! ” Make moneyDoing What you love!”That was the title of CElebrity Speaker Adam Carolla Is that his real name or a “STage Name?” Here is the” p.r. blurb” on him! Discover the secrets of this provocative comedian turned entrepreneur!  He became the Podcast kiing & launched his own Digital network!  Fired from his Popular radio show, he started podcasting from his garage!  With 50 million down loads his first year, he was named iTunes #1 pod cast!   He then launched the successful Carolla Digital network!, became a New York Times bestseller!,stars in Spike TV’s To Catch A Contractor & runs his own digital media network empire!  From his story & valuable tips, you’ll discover how to identify YOUr money making opportunities! “Transform failure into success on your own terms!& make money doing what you love!  This talk will change your life!

Onward & forward with more Celebrity Speakers! “The Secrets of SAles Success!”  The nations #1 real estate broker & star of Bravos Million Dollar Listing La shares his secrets for superstar success.  Get what you want our of life!  No matter what you want or who You are!  Josh Altman, author of its your move, hares his secrets for getting to the top & staying there!  Josh’s clientele consists mostly of entertainers, athletes & high net worth individuals! in 3 years, Josh has sold over 1.5 Billion residential & currently has over $300.000,000 in listings!He will inspire you to achieve HUGE wins!  I saw most of it! What an awesome story!  There more “financial life lessons @ this event than any iHave ever been to! I’m a film maker I’m just thinking would the Honchos of this event be interested in me doing a a.short b. documentary or feature on this event! Ijust got the idea for that dream project typing in front of my “slow computer!!!! P.s Adam Carolla talked about his working @ KROQ my favorite “Alternative new wave” radio station in La!  P.s What ever happened to Rodney Bingenhammer “Rodney on the rock?”

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  1. Rev. Dr. Larry skuce phd. Senior editor magazine! Is there any one out there that can get me more text on the “Celebritiy millionaires that were @ the Westin Hotel when I was there? Sat November 21-2015?