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Art in commemoration of Massacre in Tiananmen Square story lectue & photos by Catherine Bauknight posted by Rev.Dr.Larry Skuce phd.

Rev. Dr. larry Skuce phd,here1  Ihad been to the art opening earlier in the month before & got some information about the Massacre of Tiananmen Square @ Bragamont station my favorite sit of art Galleries! I heard recently that this is the biggest & most popular site of Art Galleries in southern California!This was actually my “planb, for the visit of my cousin & aunt,who went to stmonicas elementary school in 1929!  this show was interesting they showed stills etc. of puppets symbolizing the suffering of the students @ the Tiananmen Square massacre in June of 1989!    Many college students put flowers in the guns of the soldiers!  Just like the hippies in America!  The lecture story & photos were by Catherine Bauknight These are quotes from the Pasadena Weekly Story &photos by Catherine Bauknight “Thousands of students who were peacefully congregating some had camped for weeks!  Less than an hour later:,soldiers made thir first demand!”leave the square or we will shoot to kill!  When the students did notleave,asecond warning was issued!  No one believed the threat to be genuine!  Shortly after that, soldiers began shooting into the crowd!  “When Ireturned to my hotel I was stunned to find that the bloody demonstration had not been mentioned on tv!  Instead, The Bejing Circus was broadcast for hours on all state-run tv channels!  Telephone communication was cut off, & I was told Red cross reported that 3,000 people had been killed!”  Comment by Rev Dr larry skuce phd. “it reminds me of the Romans & their,”bread & circuses!” ” This year marks the 26 the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square, Massacre! a time to both reconsider the Chines government disregard for human rights  & honor the students & others who died for this Nobelcause!”

Catherines photos are a part of the Visual Arts Guild Art & Democracy Vart exhibition on the 25 th anniversary of the Tiamnanmen Sqaure massacre& Fall of the Berlin Wall running until june 28 @ Building Bridges Art Foundation, Bergamot Station Art Center, Unit f2, 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica, (310)453-7535 Santa Monica.  For more information contact Ann Lau, (310)433-0697 or email:

Spirit of Freedom commemorating the Tiananmen Massacre may31-14!ByRev.Dr. Larry skuce phd

Last sATURDAY i WENT TO BERGAMONT STATION ON mAY 24-2014. 2525 Michigan ave. f2 Santa Monica 90404.  As usual Iwent there to see another opening! Bergamont station is the biggest Art Center in southern california! What i found was a show on the  Tiananmen Square massacre!  Very interesting!  I’m a “history buff!” Now for the future & “eternal now!”

This Saturday May 31-2014.  There will be another ARt opening!  There will be people there that were present when this massacre happend!  Including what I’m told is a photographer that got some of the “Iconic historc photos!”  It’s all free! Plus refreshments!  If you want more information & other related event details.  or call (310)433-0697.  It will be 2pm starting time!  I will be letting you know the end time in the future!  One of the things I like about Bergamont Station!  Is that when I go ta advertised art opening there are sometimes more art opening that are like<”icing on the “art cake!” One of the surprises I liked was the tshirts for sell that had the iconic photo of the “freedom fighter” standing in front ofthe tank taunting it! By Rev. Dr. Larry skuce phd.

Palo Alto review of film cont. by Rev.Dr. Larry Skuce phd.

Rev.Dr. Larry Skuce phd.  “Palo Alto film review Cont. May 15-2014. some people thought that Val Kilmers sons performance in “Palo Alto: reminded them of River Phoenix!  This is what the Publicist for ” Palo Alto”told me!Heather Forziah of 42 WEst..  Palo alto is playing @Lamaelle Theater in Santa Monica on second st.  Val Kilmer will be acting in the sequel for “Top Gun” with Tom Cruise!  In the future a”little bird told me!Another “bit of”Rock n’Roll & film trivia!” Val kilmer & jack Black have a band!  Has anyone out there seen them?  Does anyone know who I contact to book them?  My background & experience is many decades of booking & interviewing rock stars! Greg Alman Little Richard Charlie Daniels FRank Zappa! Just to name afew! David Lee Roth etc. Peter Tork of the Monkees!  My contact information is a ph#(310)394-8732

Comic-Con: Sandra Bullock, Tom CRuise talk “Gravity”, “EDge of tomorrow”posted by Larry Skuce. Cont.

“If I was going to be stranded in space, Iwouldn’t mind being stranded with them, “Cuaron quipped during the panel!  When Bullock walked onto the stage with producer David Heyman, she was greeted by loud cheers, and several people screamed, “I love you Sandra!”Bullock recalled the intense physical demands of the role!, which requiredher her to be in a 9 by 9- foot led-lit cube for the majority of filming, suspended from 12 wires, 10 feet above the ground, to simulate weightlessness of outer space!  A camera on a robot, dubbed “iris,” filmed from all angles, sometimes moving 25 miles per hour before stopping inches from Bullocks face.  Bullock said she & Cuaron created music for her to listen to while she was filming.  “You were able to create a soundtrack, ” She said!  “They were able to create that for you while you we’re doing a scene!  So you could feel something outside of this extreme loneliness while you we’re in this cube!  DEspite the precise mathematical planning and innovative technology involved in creating a gravity-free environment, Cuaron said his directing focus was not on the technology but on Bullocks performance & her characters emotional journey.  Cuaron & Bullock were followed onstage by Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt & the filmmakers behind “EDge Of Tomorrow,” a science-fiction film based on the book”All You Need is Kill” by Hiroshi Sakurasaka, who was in attendance.

Cruise dialed up the charm throughout the panel, palling around with the moderator, Nerdist personality Chris hardwick.  Cruise noted that the pair had shared a role, The big haired rock star Stacey Jaxx from Rock of Ages”(hardwick acted in an early LOs Angeles production of the musical), & the 2 broke into song, crooning ” I wanna Know What Love Is.”

Cruise was joined on the panel by costar Blunt, director Doug Liman (“The Bourne I dentitiy,” “Mr & mrsSmith” & screenwriter Chris McQuarrie .  @ one point , Cruise pointed to costar Bill Paxton, seated in the audience, & invited him to join them onstage.

In “Edge of Tomorrow,” Cruise plays a soldier who discovers he has the power to keep repeating the same day!  A day that happens to be crucial in the outcome of a war against alien invaders.

“The suits were really heavy to wear, so if you didn’t stay fit, you’d throw your back out!” Blunt said.Our personalities did a 180 as soon as we had the suits on. We we’re much nicer out of the suit!”

Although the preview footage focused on action,Paxton emphasized that the film also contains humor.

CRuise “Getting into the suit is like something out of a Woody Allen movie.

“Edge of Tomorrow ” is slated for release June 6,2014. By, REv. DR. Larry skuce phd.

Tom Cruise Sings @ comicon San diego 2013! Posted by Rev. Dr. Larry Skuce phd.

Tom Cruise & Sandra Bullock appeared @ Comic Convention! Sandra bullock talked about Gravity! her “block buster space &time travel& surreal film about “outer & inner space! rumors are that Val Kilmer will appear In Sequel of “Top Gun” with Tom Cruise!”Comic-Con: Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise talk Gravity, “Edge ofTomorrow”Zack Snyders announcement of a planned Superman & Batman film may have generated  the most excitement out of Comic-Cons Hall H on Saturday, but it was footage from Alfaonso Cuarons space thriller “Gravity”that had the halls 6,500 comic-cons fans focus! “Gravity” a suspense-filled scifi story about 2 astronauts stranded in space, features only the faces of Sandra Bullock & George Clooney!

Tom Cruise Singing Duet At Comic-Con 2013:

Palo Alto screening Afilm by Gia Coppola Val Kilmer & Gia Coppola live Q&a

“PALO ALTO” film Based on the book “palo Alto stories by James FRanco! Special screening sat May 10-2014. 7:30pm @ Landmark theater. Westwood blvd & WEst pico blvd. 10850 West Pico Blvd. Live q&A by Val Kilmer & Gia Coppola! (after 7:30pm show.

Guitar shorty New years eve 2013-2014 dec31! Harvelles Santa Monica by Larry Skuce

Guitar Shorty, (who has played with JImi Hendrix in the past & other “icons!Brought in a blues new year @ Harvelles the historic blues Venue in Santa Monica His drummer was hot & did many “offbeats1. He went around the crowd playing his guitar & really “rocked the joint!”I got caught up with a british babe who kissed me & told me she liked the way I moved my Bod! The keyboard player sang a james Brown song “Its a Mans World!” He had an “awesome voice!” Harvelles is an iconic historic club that has been in Santa Monica on 4th street since the 1930s! If you want to hear some “authentic roots blues You should check it out!

Beverly Hills,Ca-The Academy foundation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has awarded $455,000 to 25 U.S. Film Festivals for the 2012 calendar year!

The Cleveland International Film Festival will be the recipient of a multi year grant for its Focus onFilmakers program!  It will recieve a total of $$150,000, over a 3 year period!  The chicago International film Festival is in its  second year on a multiyear grant, recieving $150,00  in ttal for its World Cinema Spotlight program!  While the grants are awarded are awarded for a variety of festival programs, organizers are encouraged to submit proposals intended to make festival events more accessible to the general public, provide greateraccess to minority and less visible filmmakers ,and help stengthen the connection between filmmakers & general public!  the 2012 film festival grants allocations are as follows, $50,0001  A.Chicago International Film Festival-World Cinema Spotlight program B.Cleveland International Film-Festival- Focus on Filmmakers.By Larry skuce


     Los Angeles Film Festival-Free Screening program

     San Francisco International LGBT-Focus on Filmmakers


     a.Ann Arbor Film Festival-50th Anniversary Archival program

     b.Chicago international Childrens Film Festival-Directors in the Schools Educational Curriculum Development and free ticket

c.Full Frame Documentary Film Festival (Durham Nc)-Thematic program

     d.Outfest !  The La Gay & lesbainFilm Festival- 30 years of outfest ! retrospective program

e.Palm Springs  International Short Fest -Filmmakers forum

f. the remainder of grant can be found on the Academys website.

 Since it’s establishment in 1999, the Academy Festival Grant program has distributed 277 grants totaling $ 4.85 million in funding.  For more information on the grants program visit,                             .

The Academy Foundation -the Academy’s cultural and educational wing-annually distributes more than $1million to film scholars,cultural organizations and film festivals throughout the U.S.! and abroad!  the Foundation also presents the Academy’s rich assortment of screenings and other public programs each year!

Michelle Stuhl and Howard Werner Show @ GEBERT GALLERY :: Opening Reception March 11th 7-9pm :: Abbot Kinney

Gebert Gallery Logo
Please join us Friday, March 11th, from 7 to 9 pm
for the opening of our Michelle Stuhl and Howard Werner Show.

Michelle Stuhl

When Michelle Stuhl visited Peru she found the people and their culture, the landscape, and most of all the remains of the ancient Inca civilizationcompelling. From a purely visual and creative standpoint, the magnitude of the accomplishments by the Incas amazed the artist, including masterfully designed architecture, precision engineering, stone carving, ceramics, textiles and metalwork. Michelle StuhlStuhl visited museums where some artifacts remain; however, she learned that the majority of the civilization’s objects, especially those made of gold, had been destroyed. The idea that a civilization was invaded and crushed, its temples leveled and its invaluable gold and precious ceremonial objects seized and melted down by the conquerors, was heartbreaking. When they arrived in 1526 the Spanish fought, conquered, and enslaved the Incas, executing the last Inca Ruler, Tupac Amaru, in 1572. The conquistadors melted down almost all significant objects and treasures, using the precious metals as adornments for churches, building new cities over the ancient foundations. For Stuhl, gold is the symbol that epitomized the invasion.

In terms of imagery, this is a very simple body of work that utilizes a few key forms and motifs. The monolith recalls the components of the Inca temples,Machu Picchu being only one of many. The coins represent the gold and the valuables, while images of rain represent tears, and crimson represents the blood spilled. Some of the works are graphite drawings on panels with a poured translucent encaustic/wax surface. Also included are some oil paintings on unframed canvas that have been saturated in clear encaustic. Others are even simpler-poured encaustic and pigment shapes on panels.

The working titles in this show are in English, however in honor of the Incas, each piece has a Quechuan title. Quechua was the language spoken by the Incas in Peru, and remains an official language in Peru and Bolivia.

Howard Werner

Howard Werner received a degree in woodwork and furniture design from The School for American Craftsmen at Rochester Institute of Technology. His greatest inspiration, however, comes from the world of sculpture and the work of Brancusi and Noguchi. Howard has been direct-carving sculpture and furniture from large tree sections since the mid 1970′s. His work is influenced by both classical forms from Greece and Italy as well as primitive carvings from Africa and Oceana. The tools and raw materials he employs are important to the finished work. His process is evident in the rough chainsawn surfaces and the untouched natural sections of the trees that are prominent on many pieces.

Howard has been awarded grants from The National Endowment for the Arts and The New York State Fellowship for the Arts. His work is in numerous collections including The American Craft Museum, The Mint Museum, The Arkansas Arts CenterScottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, The Rochester Institute of Technology, Arizona State University Museum, Mobile Museum of Art.

Stuhl Three
Michelle Stuhl, Encaustic On Panel, 96 x 24 inches
Gebert Gallery
Contemporary Art
1345 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291
Phone (310) 450-9897

New Year’s Eve @ Culver Hotel :: Friday, December 31st 8pm-1am